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Returns Policy

Danscot has the discretion to accept the return of any good(s) supplied to a customer but not ordered by the customer and to issue an appropriate credit note.

Where a customer requests the return of goods because they are no longer required, Danscot has the discretion to accept these returns and to levy a handling charge of 20% of the invoice value.

The goods being returned must meet the following criteria :-

They will be in the original inner and outer packaging which will not have been written on, taped or had additional labels adhered to them.

They will be returned in a satisfactory and marketable condition.

Computer consumable products must be returned fully untampered with i.e. the outer seal has not been breached in any way.

Where goods are returned as faulty, recourse may be made by Danscot to the manufacturer who will have the opportunity to assess whether the computer product has been overloaded, incorrectly installed or incorrectly stored. Upon such an examination, Danscot will determine whether a credit note is issued or not.

We will not accept the return of any electrical items which have been removed from their packaging.

We will not accept the return of any products itemised as food products or food stuffs.

We will not accept the return of any goods listed in their price list as either non-returnable or specifically bespoke.


Our sales office must be notified of any intent to return goods by post, Email, fax or telephone and the reason for return must be specified.

This must be complied with as below :-

Where a product is no longer required – within 15 working days.

Where a product was dispatched to a customer but not ordered – within 5 working days.

Where a product was ordered but the wrong product was dispatched – within 3 working days.

Where a product was delivered to a customer but neither ordered nor invoiced – within 20 working days.


A request or claim for goods returned and made initially by telephone must be supported by :-

Post, Email, or fax within 3 working days.

The invoice or advice note number

Identification of the product by e.g. product code

Quantity of goods being returned

The reason for wishing to make the return.

Where the customer could not have discovered the subject of the claim within the listed time limits, the customer must notify Danscot within a reasonable time.

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